People's History Museum is standing Together With Refugees

People’s History Museum (PHM) is standing Together With Refugees and against the Nationality and Borders Bill.

The ability to seek asylum is a precious right that belongs to all; a milestone in the history of human rights when it was granted by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

Asylum seekers are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. They are forced to flee because of a threat of persecution and because of lack of protection in their own country. This could be due to war or genocide or for political, religious or social reasons. These are people who need our help to rebuild their lives, not to face further persecution. When we talk about the legal system, the individuals whose lives these changes are affecting, can often be overlooked.

The UK is widely considered one of the leading democracies in the world, to propose restrictions on asylum seekers threatens and undermines the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And if the Nationality and Borders Bill passes into law it would profoundly undermine the UK’s commitment to the 1951 Refugee Convention. This sets a dangerous precedent for other countries and one that as the national museum of democracy we cannot be voiceless on.

PHM believes that the Nationality and Borders Bill will create a discriminatory two tier system that judges an asylum seeker on the route they take to the UK, not on why they came here. As well as violating the 1951 Refugee Convention, this will introduce more severe penalties that threaten to criminalise those seeking asylum for exercising their legal right. PHM also considers proposals to expel asylum seekers to ‘off shore’ processing centres and to house asylum seekers in out of town institutions (rather than in the community) inhumane.

People’s History Museum stands Together With Refugees. We will continue to raise our concerns, urge others to do so, and work with partner organisations to amplify their campaigns.


The UK government is planning to introduce new rules for how we treat refugees. The Nationality and Borders Bill represents a major attack on people seeking safety. It also undermines our obligations under international law.

Join us in calling for the government to rethink its approach to the Nationality and Borders Bill.

  • Find out more about the Bill
  • Complete a postcard at the museum voicing your concerns which we will send to the Home Secretary
  • Let us know the action you take. Take a photo, use the hashtag #TogetherWithRefugees and tag @PHMMcr so we can share.
  • Not on social media? Email your pictures to

Together With Refugees


We are also joining those urging the government to reconsider their approach to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. The Policing Bill is likely to silence marginalised voices for change.   

Sisters Uncut protest, London, 2018 © Holly Falconer
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