Living History for College & University

Our Living History sessions use performance, interactive drama activities and gallery exploration to bring learning to life.

Sessions have been created with professional actors, writers and directors, and provide lots of opportunities for cross-curricular learning and link directly to the National Curriculum.

The Hard Way Up - A Suffragette's Story

The Hard Way Up: A Suffragette's Story - Living History performance

Based on the story of suffragette and local councillor Hannah Mitchell. Hannah spoke out for women and for the poor and became a peace campaigner after World War I.

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Baddies - Conscience & Conflict during World War I

Baddies - Conscience & Conflict during World War I - Living History performance

Look at life during World War One through the eyes of two brothers, Dougie and Arthur – one is a soldier, the other a conscientious objector.

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Peterloo - Living History performance

Meet some eye witnesses of the events at St Peter’s Field as we try to find out how and why this day went down in history.

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Strike A Light! - A Match Girl's Story

Strike A Light! - A Match Girl's Story - Living History performance

Meet Maggie McCallow, a Victorian match girl involved in the match factory strike of 1888 and find out how she campaigned for better rights for workers.

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No Bed of Roses - From the Caribbean to Manchester

No Bed of Roses - From the Caribbean to Manchester - Living History performance

Meet Gabrielle and help with her life-changing decision to move from the Caribbean to Manchester in the 1950s.

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Moving Stories - Migration & Identity

Moving Stories - Migration and Identity - Living History performance

Meet Anita Sharma at school in Manchester as she describes her summer holiday trip to Bombay with her parents who were born there. Follow her journey to adulthood as she explores her identity.

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