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Enhance your visit to the museum with these activities.

Learning resources @ People's History Museum

Suitable for ages 7 – 10

KS2 main galleries trail @ People’s History Museum

Suitable for ages 11 – 14

KS3 main galleries trail @ People’s History Museum

Suitable for ages 15 +

KS4 Power and the People: Trade unions and workers’ rights


Group Leader notes

These resources have been designed to explore the main galleries.

Each resource is divided into sections that can be completed in any order in small groups, pairs or individually.

You can choose a selection of sections to complete if time is limited or you have specific topics to cover.

If there is a group session taking place in one area of the gallery please move on to the next area and come back later.

Gallery maps can be found at the Info Desk to help you find the locations of particular themes.

Please help us protect our objects by only using pencils in the galleries.Artsmark logo @ People's History Museum

Interative digital experience, Main Gallery One, People's History Museum © People's History Museum

A Day in the Match Factory

This gaming interactive in Main Gallery One explores the harsh working conditions at the Bryant & May match factory in 1888.

Funded by AIM Biffa Award, developed in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University to raise the profile of two important History Makers; Annie Besant and Jayaben Desai.

AR digital experience, Main Gallery Two, People's History Museum © People's History Museum

Augmented reality (AR) experience

An augmented reality (AR) experience is available in Main Gallery Two.  Get up close to objects from PHM’s collection and hear the voices of those who were involved in strikes during the 1970s and 1980s.

Download the app for your device using this link.  Aim your camera towards the gallery wall and search for triggers to reveal the objects.

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