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Sharing ideas, opinions, and skills, through collaboration PHM aims to deliver a programme of activity that is diverse, accessible and engaging for all.

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Image of Disabled People Fight Back banner by Ed Hall, Manchester, 2015 © Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People.

Ideas worth collaborating on:

Nothing About Us Without Us

In 2022 and 2023 PHM is exploring the history of disabled people’s rights and activism through a co-curated programme of exhibitions, events and activity made in collaboration with disabled people.

Behind the scenes PHM has been working with disabled people to explore the museum’s collection and look at how the history of disabled people has been documented, interpreted and communicated.  Museum staff have been working with disabled people to make the organisation and its public programme more accessible to everyone.  This includes anyone who identifies as a disabled person, such as (but not exclusively) deaf, autistic, neurodiverse, and/or learning disabled people; people with first hand lived experience of mental illness, chronic illness and fatigue, survivors of mental distress, and/or mental health service users; related movements, communities and individuals.

The headline exhibition Nothing About Us Without Us (on show until 16 October 2023) forms a core part of this programme.  This exhibition has been curated by four community curators, who all identify as disabled people.  The programme is guided by a steering group, some of whom represent disabled people’s organisations, alongside non-disabled allies.  The steering group have been working with the museum on a variety of projects since 2017.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Nothing About Us Without Us programme, have an idea for an event, exhibition or project, or would like more information, please email Michael Powell, Programme Officer on

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