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We offer an engaging Learning Programme for all ages.

Inspire early years, schools, colleges, universities and adult and community groups to find out why there are 'ideas worth fighting for'.

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Early Years & Primary

Democracy, equality and respect

Themes explored: Voting, human rights, cultural identity

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Early Years & Primary @ People's History Museum


Democracy and citizenship

Themes explored: Voting, political systems, role of citizens

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Secondary @ People's History Museum

Colleges and Universities

Democracy, equality and representation

Themes explored: Rights and responsibilities of the citizen, migration, empires and the people

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colleges and Universities @People's History Museum (4)

Adults, Communities and Young People

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Adult, community and young people @ People's History Museum - check with conservation before using (10)


Find out about our family facilities and support for SEND

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Families @ People's History Museum (79)

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