Self-guided Visit

The museum has hands-on interactive exhibits throughout the galleries, and resources are available to help you get the most out of your visit.

Self-guided visits @ People's History Museum
self guided
self guided @ People's History Museum
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Cost: self-guided visits are free of charge. Donations are greatly received.

Duration: We recommend allowing between 1hr 30mins and 2hrs for your self-guided visit.

Risk assessment Please use to help create organisation risk assessment.

We ask that group leaders keep a list of everyone in their group, it is their responsibility to check everyone is present in the case of an emergency evacuation.


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self-guided resources

Key Stage 2:

main gallery trail – KS2

main gallery trail teacher notes – KS2

Key Stage 3:

main gallery trail – KS3

Key Stage 4 – adult:

main gallery trail – KS4+

Exhibition guide for group leaders

Disrupt? Peterloo and Protest

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Book a Visit

We advise self-guided groups to book in advance. You can contact the Learning Team on

or 0161 838 9190.

Many of our booked workshops use the galleries during their session. We appreciate your support in ensuring noise levels are kept to a minimum around these sessions.



Do you have lunch space for groups?

We have one fully accessible lunch space that can accommodate up to 60 children or 50 adults and one lunch space that can be reached by stairs for 30 children or 25 adults.

You can reserve lunch spaces for your group for 30min segments throughout the day.

Priority is given to groups who have booked in advance.

Do we have to book in advance?

We recommend all groups of four or more people book in advance.

Priority of lunch spaces, coat rails and spaces in the galleries will be given to those who have booked in advance.

How many people can come at once?

We do not have a limit on how many people can visit. However, if you have a large group we do advise that you speak to a member of the Learning Team to discuss your itinerary.

What will we find in the galleries?

The main story of the museum is told in two purpose built galleries located on the first and second floor. The galleries have been divided into seven themes and roughly follow a chronological order over the last 200 years. The story starts with the Peterloo Massacre of 1819 and ends in the present day.

Further information: main gallery one and main gallery two

PHM floor plan of main galleries


self guided @ People's History Museum