""Should auld acquaintance be Forgot" Christmas post card" [NMLH.2016.13.23]

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Object Name
Post card

Should auld acquaintance be Forgot


The Regent Publishing Lewllyn T. Smith

"Should auld acquaintance be Forgot" Christmas post card. Has (L-R) Russian, French, UK and German flags tied with a bow. Above are the words "Should auld acquaintance be Forgot" and below is a poem that reads "Soldiers and Sailor's of England's might, Who answered Duty, and went forth to fight, Here's to those who kept our Flag for right, We take off our hats to you."Is written on on back and has date stamp for 0 Dec 15. Publishing information along left side on the back reads "The Patriotic Christmas Card Series, No. 1877. Printed in England. The Regent Publishing CO., Ltd., London, N.W. (ALL BRITISH).

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