"Sample of some of the items in the Ern Brooks And Barbara Niven Collection & World War II: leaflet, ephemera, artwork .... Archive material accepted by LHASC: accession number: 0996. See 8 images in Multimedia field at bottom" [Collection Record: NMLH.20

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Catalogue Number
Collection Record: NMLH.2004.29: Catalogued December 2004-March 2005

Object Name
Sample of some of the items in the Ern Brooks And Barbara Niven Collerction: leaflet, ephemera, artwork ...

Ern Brooks & Barbara Niven Collection

Manchester & Lancashire & England & UK; Russia: Soviet Union: USSR

Brooks, Ern; Niven, Barbara; Hitler, Adolf; Rust, William; Devine, Pat; Maisky; Pollit, Harry; Gallagher, Willie; Wild, Sam

War & World War Two

1939-1945 ?

Included in this collection are over eighty leaflets and around sixty relate to the British Communist Party's call for a 'Second Front' in the war, support for Russia, and for lifting the ban on their newspaper The Daily Worker.

The First military front of World War II was in Communist Russia, following Hitler's massive invasion of Russia in June 1941. The Communist Party of Great Britain produced a wide range of leaflets in their campaign to get the Allied forces to attack and defeat Hitler in Europe, to open what was called a Second Front, and aid Russia. The party had an active membership in industrial Manchester and Lancashire.

Within a few months of Russia being invaded Manchester's citizens declared their support for the Russian people, particularly for the citizens of Stalingrad. Manchester Council established the Lord Mayor of Manchester's Anglo-Russian Friendship Committee and an "Aid-To-Russia" Fund was set up.

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