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General election trail

Discover incredible objects from general elections.

Image of Navy blue fabric rosette with a blue and gold badge in the centre with text reading: 'Conservative & Unionist, Onward' and a blue and gold pin at the top reading: 'General Election 1922'.

1922 general election

Conservative Party rosette from the 1922 general election

The Conservative Party, led by Andrew Bonar Law, won the 1922 general election with 344 seats.  It marked the beginning of the period which saw the Labour Party replace the Liberal Party as the main party of opposition.

Did you know?  The number of seats in parliament was reduced from 707 to 615 in the 1922 general election due to the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1921.  The newly created, independent Irish Free State would no longer elect MPs to the UK parliament.

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