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General election trail

Discover incredible objects from general elections.

1929 general election

Labour Party poster from the 1929 general election focussing on newly enfranchised women voters

A poster with illustrations of two men in suits doffing their top hats towards a woman and a man, with the text: 'The New Voter:- "Poor old dears! - Isn't it pathetic?"'.

The general election of 1929 saw the Labour Party, led by James Ramsay MacDonald, win the largest number of seats in parliament for the first time, although not an outright majority.

Did you know?  The 1929 general election was the first in which all women and men above the age of 21 could vote.  Prior to this election only women over the age of 30 who met a property qualification or who were university graduates could vote.

1935 general election

Labour Party election poster, 1935

The 1935 general election saw another victory for the nPoster with a black and white photograph of two young children sitting on chairs, with the text: 'Vote Labour and give US a chance!'.ational government (now more commonly called coalition governments), led by Stanley Baldwin, but with a greatly reduced majority of 242 seats.

Did you know?  Due to the Second World War (1939-1945) the parliament elected in 1935 sat for ten years as there were no general elections during wartime.

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