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General election trail

Discover incredible objects from general elections.

1987 general election

Labour Camp poster, 1987

Poster with red text: 'Labour Camp. Do you want to live in it?' and black text: 'Think about It. Vote Conservative.' with an illustration of people protesting holding placards including text: 'Militant Rules' and 'Gay Sports Day'.The Conservative Party won the 1987 general election with a majority of 102 seats.  The party’s leader, Margaret Thatcher, became the first Prime Minister in over 150 years to win a third consecutive term in office.

Did you know?  1987 saw the election of the first black MPs to parliament: Diane Abbott, Paul Boateng, and Bernie Grant.

2001 general election

The Tories Present: Economic Disaster II general election poster, 2001

Film style poster including text: 'The Tories Present: Economic Disaster II' and the faces of Conservative Party politicians Michael Portillo and William Hague.Labour prime minister Tony Blair returned to power following the 2001 general election with another huge majority.  Labour won 412 seats compared with the Conservatives’ 166.

Did you know?  Voter turnout in the 2001 general election was the lowest since 1918 with less than 60% of eligible voters actually casting a vote.

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