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The Radical Circle

Find out more about Radical Circle donors, and why they support People's History Museum.

The TUUT Charitable TrustThe TUUT Charitable Trust logo.

‘The TUUT Charitable Trust was established by the trade union movement in 1969.  We try to support the most vulnerable in society as they struggle to achieve their goals and complete the normal activities of everyday life, through our donations to registered charities.  People’s History Museum helps us all to remember the struggles of our forefathers as they tried to improve their lives and those who continue to do so today.’

Beever and Struthers

Beever and Struthers is a firm of chartered accountants with our headBeever and Struthers logo. office and our heart in Manchester, working nationally.  You might not expect accountants and auditors to be drawn to ‘ideas worth fighting for’, but we have worked with People’s History Museum (PHM) for many years, and this ethos is one that resonates, and we are delighted to support.  We are an unusual practice – half our work is with not for profit organisations, specialising in charities, social housing and education.

We have over 200 people in our business, and it was vital that we chose to support something that they empathise with, are enthusiastic to engage with, and feel connected to.  Our staff were involved in our decision to support the Radical Circle and the museum more generally.  Supporting the Radical Circle supports future generations to find their voice on the big issues which really matter today.  We hope that others when faced with the same questions as us ‘do you want to get involved in ideas worth fighting for?’ and ‘do you share our vision for a fairer society?’ – the answer will be an obvious ‘YES’.’

MAPs MedicalMAPS Medical logo.

MAPS Medical provide medical expert witness evidence in legal claims for damages.  Our work brings us into daily contact with people who have been injured in workplace accidents or who have developed a disease or condition through exposure to harmful substances at work.  Like so many rights, the right to work without fear of accident or injury and with proper health and safety protection, is one which is fundamental to working people.

PHM’s collection shows the historic context of the development of those rights and the continuing thread that such rights had to be fought for, and can only be preserved by the efforts of organised labour, trade unions, and the wider labour movement.  Doug Christie, Trustee of the MAPS Benevolent Trust said ‘We have supported the work of PHM over several years and were delighted to have the opportunity to become founding members of their Radical Circle fundraising initiative’.’

Hollick Family FoundationHollick Family Foundation logo.

‘Supporting education and skills, human rights, housing, mental health, women and children and the arts through community-led organisations working directly with people.’

Thompsons SolicitorsThompsons Solicitors 100 years logo.

‘Since our formation over 100 years ago Thompsons have on principle only ever acted for the injured and mistreated, never for those who cause harm or their insurers.  Our first case

in 1921 was for councillors involved in the Poplar Rates Rebellion and since then we are proud to have been involved in virtually every battle taken on by the Labour and Trade Union Movement on behalf of working people, and to have won significant wins and changes in the law along the way.  Our work with and support for PHM is a natural extension of everything we stand for.’

Trades Union Congress (TUC)TUC logo and strapline text: 'Changing the world of work for good'.

‘We’re fighting day in day out for working people, and it’s important to preserve and share this history for future generations.  Trade union history and the working class struggle is at the very core of Peoples’ History Museum’s collection and we work together closely to build on this connection.  We’re supportive of everything that PHM do, from new innovative ways of curating and presenting artefacts alongside contemporary stories, to redeveloping their galleries to welcome more working people to learn from and be inspired by what they see.’ – Paul Nowak, TUC General Secretary.

Jarndyce Antiquarian Booksellers logo.

Jarndyce Antiquarian Booksellers

‘As specialists in 18th and 19th century political radicalism and social reform, as well as popular literature, Jarndyce are delighted to be supporting the amazing work of People’s History Museum’.

Fire Brigades Union

Fire Brigades Union logo.

‘As firefighters we know our history and understand the importance in preserving and learning from it.  The work of People’s History Museum is vital in protecting the history of the working class and trade union movement, and we thank them for their work in doing so.’

Society for the Study of Labour History

Founded in 1960, the Society for the Study of Labour History (SSLH) is the UK’s principal organisation dedicated to the study of labour history.  The Society is proud to support People’s History Museum’s work, particularly the care of the archives and records of the labour movement, and making them available to all via the Labour History Archive & Study Centre.Society for the Study of Labour History logo.

The SSLH publishes the journal Labour History Review, organises regular conferences, and actively promotes the preservation of historical resources connected to the labour movement.  Membership is open to all who would like to learn more about labour history and heritage whether on a professional or amateur basis.  Join the Society for the Study of Labour History.

Community Trade UnionCommunity logo.

‘People’s History Museum is an invaluable national resource which we should all support.  In safeguarding the personal stories, formal documentation, and treasured artefacts associated with the proud history of the labour movement in Britain, the museum is a living, breathing testament to the role working people have played in shaping the country we live in.  As Community’s General Secretary, I am constantly aware of the wide range of traditions our union encompasses – from steelworkers to cobblers to glovers to teachers – and I am extremely grateful to the staff at People’s History Museum for providing a home to these vibrant histories within a brilliantly maintained archive.  Community is proud to support People’s History Museum and we would encourage everyone with an interest in the history of working people in Britain to visit.’ – Roy Rickhuss CBE, Community General Secretary.

‘People’s History Museum helps address an imbalance in popularised views of British history; a history not just of the actions of kings, queens, earls, and duchesses, but of the lives, struggles, and achievements of ordinary working people who have spearheaded progress in this country.  As Community’s president, I am proud that the rich and unique histories of the forebears and distinct sections of our union are well represented at People’s History Museum.  This includes the National League of the Blind and Disabled, a section I am proud to represent, which celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2024.  Community is grateful to the staff at People’s History Museum for the vital service they provide, and will continue to support their important work.’ – Steve McGurk, Community President.


Thank you to PHM’s Radical Circle donors.

A warm and heartfelt thank you to our Radical Circle donors whose vital support enables us to preserve and inspire ideas worth fighting for, past, present and future.

We welcome individuals and organisations donating £1,000 or more each year to join the Radical Circle.

Join the Radical Circle

To find out more about supporting the museum please get in touch with Aine Graven, Head of Development on or 0161 838 9190.

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