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Intellectual Property (IP) consultant

Contract £3,000 (plus VAT)

People’s History Museum (PHM) is seeking a freelance Intellectual property (IP) Consultant to support the Head of Collections and Engagement, Archive Manager and Collections Manager to review how the museum manages IP.

PHM has a budget of £3,000 (plus VAT) for this piece of work.

PHM is seeking an individual or organisation with expertise and experience of advising museums and archives on intellectual property rights. This will be a freelance / consultant contract to achieve the key tasks below. Due to the nature of the funding PHM would like to commission this work as soon as possible, ideally in late November-December 2021 / early 2022.

Key tasks include:

  • Review of how PHM currently manages intellectual property rights and rights clearance, including a risk assessment and recommendations. This should have particular focus on PHM’s collection of 5,000-6,000 political posters, and its Labour Party and Communist Party Archive Collections
  • Development of an IP policy for PHM
  • Developing a process/register for recording IP rights
  • Review of procedures and forms for acquiring copyright and image licensing with recommendations for any changes to be made / templates for PHM to put into practice


Interested consultants with relevant expertise are invited to provide a proposal outlining the following areas:

  • Relevant experience including an example of a client or organisation where an IP review was undertaken
  • An overview of approach to the project with key milestones to achieve the tasks above
  • A breakdown of costs
  • Details of two referees who can be contacted (with permission) in relation to the proposal


How to apply:

Consultants are asked to send their proposal to Charlie Corkin at by 9.00am on Thursday 11 November 2021. A selection process will select a minimum of three consultants to invite to an informal conversation with members of the PHM team (online or in person depending on preference and availability) before one is appointed.

Please contact Charlie using the details above with any questions about this piece of work.

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