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Your ideas for collaboration

Image of Collaborations @ People's History Museum

Sending us your idea

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please send a short email, video message or sound recording to and answer these questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your idea?
  • Does your idea need money to do it and if so, roughly how much?
  • When would you like your idea to happen?


Don’t worry if you can’t answer all of the questions above, we can always discuss your idea in more detail at a later stage.

If you are unable to put your idea into an email, video message or sound recording you can call 0161 838 9190 and ask to discuss your idea with a member of the Programme Team.

You can also send us your idea by post to:

Programme Team
People’s History Museum
Left Bank
M3 3ER

What we are looking for

Each year we have a different theme for our programme of exhibitions, events and projects.  We are most interested in ideas that complement our upcoming programme themes:

  • 2019: The Past, Present and Future of Protest
  • 2020: Migration and Identity
  • 2021: TBC


We are also interested in ideas that will help support the following aims of the museum:

  • Raise the profile of PHM so that more people know what the museum is and where it is
  • Do more digital work such as using new technology and engaging with people online
  • Bring income into the museum so that we can do more work in the future
  • Reach out to people who might not have visited the museum before


Please note that we usually need at least five months’ notice to programme events, projects or activities.

Once a month the Programme Team will review all ideas that have been shared and get in touch to let you know if it’s an idea we think we can work on together.

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