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Congratulations! | Your radical is Annie Besant (1847-1933)

Annie Besant was a prominent philanthropist and champion of human freedom.

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Based on your radical, we’ll match your interests to what’s on at People’s History Museum.

Annie was regarded in her time as unconventional and unorthodox in her views. You are happy in your own bubble and like to make decisions for yourself, rather than relying on the opinions of others.

You’re independent and self-sufficient, just like Annie. She advocated ideas that were advanced for her time, even if they weren’t popular – something you’re not afraid to do: you know your own mind and are confident in making your own choices.

Annie was known for being focused and dedicating herself to what she believed in – women’s rights, better quality of life for children and self-rule for British colonies. You might not have the same passions but you know exactly what your interests are and are happy to immerse yourself in them and explore on your own terms.

Image of Perspective Annie Besant, by H.S. Mendelssohn, London, around 1885

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