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Congratulations! | Your radical is Robert Lowes (1817-1874)

While Robert Lowes, a 19th century activist, may not be a household name, his great, great grandson is the actor Ian McKellen – perhaps you too are from a family bound for stardom!

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Based on your radical, we’ll match your interests to what’s on at People’s History Museum.

Like Robert, who convinced the powerful businessmen of Manchester to allow their workers a half day holiday on Saturdays, you understand the value of leisure time.

At a time when the working day lasted for up to 14 hours, Robert fought for a better life for workers in the industrial north. Like Robert, you appreciate time off is hard won, and should be well spent.

Robert can be viewed as the grandfather of the modern weekend; like Robert, you know that it’s important to live life to the full and make the most of your free time. You love socialising and spending quality time in spectacular places, and prioritise the opportunity to have fun.

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