Congratulations! | Your radical is Sylvia Pankhurst (1882 - 1960)

Sylvia Pankhurst was a tireless and committed activist, writer and artist, who campaigned for women's suffrage in Britain and for human rights internationally.

Sylvia played an important role in securing the vote for women, and like you, was a confident and independent individual.

Like Sylvia, you are discerning, and understand that just because something is mainstream, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is worthwhile. Sylvia fought against narrow views of women’s rights and similarly, you’re happy to form your own opinions regardless of what others think.

Like Sylvia, who painted powerful and exemplary watercolours to depict industrial working conditions, you believe in the importance of art. You understand that culture has the potential to be an important tool for achieving societal change.

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Essence Sylvia Pankhurst by Halah El Kholy
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