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Doodle Den

Relax into these fun activities, exploring PHM’s collections through scribbling, sketching and silliness.

In three simple steps create a den, find materials and choose a theme to explore using the resources below.

Suitable for ages 5 to adults.

Image of Why doodle? Doodle Den @ People's History Museum

Why doodle?

Doodling encourages us to use our imaginations and see the world in a different way. It’s also a great form of personal expression.

By looking closely at objects in the museum collections, we can learn more about the importance of them and find connections to our own lives.

Most importantly, we make our own rules because there is no wrong way to doodle and there is no bad doodling!


Image of Why a den? Doodle Den @ People's History Museum

Why a den?

Den building is an ultra sensory experience that can provide an escape from stresses, anxieties or worries.

Building a den encourages us to problem solve and is a great physical activity that can be done in the biggest or smallest of spaces, on our own or with other people.

When we are in a relaxing, safe space we are in the best position to think (and doodle!) creatively.


Image of den making, Doodle Den @ People's History Museum

Step 1 - Make a den

We can make a den out of all sorts of things.

Large, sturdy furniture like a sofa or table can make a good frame for your den.

Throw large pieces of material such as a bed sheet or blanket over the top to make a roof. Colourful or dimmed lights will add a nice atmosphere.

Fill with comfy cushions or maybe a favourite soft toy and settle in for some Doodle Challenges…


Image of materials - Doodle Den @ Peoples History Museum

Step 2 - Find your materials

All you need is something to doodle on and something to doodle with.

These are some things you could use:

pencil, paper, felt tips, colouring pencils, cling film, flour, paints, tape, smooth pebbles.

Can you think of any others?

We challenge you to find recycled or reusable materials to do your doodling on and follow these activities digitally instead of printing them.

Step 3 - Choose a resource theme

Climate Change

No Planet B resource @ People's History Museum

view resource

Migrant Workers

Grunwick resource @ People's History Museum

view resource

Work and Rest

Cliff Rowe resource @ People's History Museum

view resource

Votes for All

Cruikshank resource @ People's History Museum

view resource

Equal Pay

Equal Pay Act plate resource @ People's History Museum

view resource

LGBT+ Pride

LGBT+ resource @ People's History Museum

view resource

Show us your doodles!

You can send photos to or tag us on Facebook, Twitter (@PHMMcr) or Instagram (@phmmcr)

You might then see them in the image gallery below.

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