Conserving our collections

Although the banners in our collection may have once been seen as ‘working’ objects, many are now very fragile and can be quite challenging to care for.

Textiles are vulnerable objects as they can be damaged by light, dust, extremes in environmental conditions and even hanging under their own weight when on display. For this reason, once a year some of the most delicate banners on display in the museum galleries are changed so that we can preserve the objects and exhibit more of our collection.

The process of changing banners is very time consuming because each one has to be carefully lowered off display and checked for damage before being packed away for storage. Banners selected for display must be thoroughly checked and often conserved before they are ready to install.

For more information on this aspect of our work see our banners page. We offer public guided tours of the new selection of banners on display at the beginning of each year; check out our What’s On pages for information on future events.