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People’s History Museum, the national museum of democracy, holds the largest collection of political material in Britain.

'There Is No Planet B' placard (front side), from Schools Strike for Climate, Manchester, 15 February 2019. Image courtesy People's History Museum
Dagenham Ford sewing machinists strike and Equal Pay Act commemorative plate, around 1984 © People's History Museum
Woman Looking Through a Microscope painting by Cliff Rowe, 1966 © People's History Museum
Conservator Kloe Rumsey with a 1908 Manchester suffragette banner in The Conservation Studio © People’s History Museum
Tin Plate Workers society banner, around 1821 © People's History Museum
Collections Officer Sam Jenkins with Peterloo cane from around 1819, in The Conservation Studio at People's History Museum, Manchester
Thomas Paine’s desk, late 1700s © People's History Museum


People’s History Museum (PHM) is the UK’s only museum entirely dedicated to sharing the stories of the revolutionaries, reformers, workers, voters and citizens who championed, then and now, for change and rallied for rights and equality.

We do this by working alongside the communities whose stories the museum tells and through an eclectic and colourful, historic and contemporary collection that features banners, badges, posters, artwork, cartoons, placards, personal items and more, spanning four centuries of ideas worth fighting for.

PHM’s collection includes:

  • Over 450 historic and contemporary banners; including the largest and most important collection of trade union and political banners in the world, and the world’s oldest trade union banner, the 1821 Tin Plate Workers Society banner
  • Other trade union material including sashes and a vast collection of emblems from a wide range of organisations, such as the Miners’ Protection Society, the Order of Friendly Boilermakers, and the Women’s Co-operative Guild
  • Over 2,000 political posters covering elections, including the Labour Party poster collection, and issue campaigns such as peace and equality, including a hand drawn 1977 poster publicising a meeting about the Grunwick strike of 1976 to 1978
  • Over 500 18th, 19th, and 20th century prints and satirical cartoons, including the collections of cartoonist Ken Sprague, and caricaturist and TV puppet show Spitting Image co-creator Peter Fluck
  • Over 7,000 badges and tokens from the late 19th century to the present day, including two medals commemorating the Peterloo Massacre of 1819
  • Over 250 ceramics including a plate commemorating the Dagenham Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968, the Equal Pay Act in 1970, and the recognition of the strikers’ work as skilled in 1984
  • Personal items from key politicians and political activists, including Labour Party leader Michael Foot’s ‘donkey jacket’, and radical writer Thomas Paine’s desk
  • The internationally significant Labour History Archive & Study Centre, housing collections of key political papers including the complete archives of two of the most important political parties in British history, the Labour Party and the Communist Party of Great Britain, as well as the personal papers of prominent figures within those two parties, such as Michael Foot, Judith Hart, Eric Heffer and Rajani Palme Dutt.  The two collections also include over 95,000 photographs, which provide a comprehensive overview of the growth of democracy in Britain
  • Additional complementary collections include the archives of the Manchester branch of radical environmental advocacy group Earth First!, the London group of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, the National Federation of Old Age Pensions Associations, and both the Nicaragua and Chile Solidarity Campaigns
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Object handling © People’s History Museum

From the Levellers to the suffragettes, from Peterloo to Brexit, PHM’s collection spans four centuries of the development of democracy in Britain.

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Black Lives Matter poster, 2015, by Rainbow Noir © People's History Museum

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Object handling © People’s History Museum

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Michael Foot's coat, 1981 @ People's History Museum, discussed by Steven Fielding, Professor of Political History at the University of Nottingham

Steven Fielding, Professor of Political History at the University of Nottingham discusses five highlights from PHM’s collection for a series of films available on the museum’s YouTube channel.

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Woman Looking Through a Microscope painting by Cliff Rowe, 1966 © People's History Museum

Discover ten treasures chosen by the PHM team that capture the ethos, spirit and importance of the museum’s collection.

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Filming the 1821 Tin Plate Workers Society banner in Main Gallery One © People's History Museum

Explore PHM’s collection through 15 short films made as part of the Citizens project, charting the history of liberty, protest, rebellion and reform.

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