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Learning resources | Environment and the climate crisis

Explore topics around the environment, the climate crisis and climate justice.

Image of Image of PHM staff on Global Climate Strike on 20 September 2019 courtesy of People's History Museum

I Spy nature activity sheet

I Spy nature activity sheet

Lots of the banners at the museum are decorated with images inspired by nature.

Go for a walk and see how many of these images you can find, then design your own banner with the images of nature that you found on your walk.

Suitable for ages 5+

View activity sheet

Create a multi-ended story

'Stories are a way we can empathise with someone else's experience ... feel connected and know that we could be similarly understood.' Storytelling at People's History Museum

Discover the power of storytelling in addressing climate grief and create a multi-ended story where the reader chooses the destiny of the planet.

Part of the Think Globally, Act Locally project, 2021.

Suitable for ages 7+

Create your story

Build a window farm

Hydroponics experiment by artist Colette Whittington. Image courtesy of People's History Museum

Make a hydroponic experiment to build your own window farm.  Recycling a plastic drink bottle with a bit of fabric and some gravel, get your first crop planted.

Part of the Think Globally, Act Locally project, 2021.

Suitable for ages 7+

Get growing

Virtual hidden nature tour

10 September 2020, Heritage Open Days: Virtual Hidden Nature tour. 'Fellowship is Life' mural, unknown artist © People's History Museum

Take a virtual tour on PHM’s YouTube channel to discover stories about those who have campaigned for nature and the environment over the last 200 years.

Suitable for ages 11+

Watch and listen

Climate Change, Migration and DR Congo

12 November 2020, Climate Change, Migration and DR Congo, Radical Late online with People's History Museum. Image of DR Congo map burning in woodland © Kooj Chuhan

November 2020’s Radical Late was an online story and discussion exploring the ways in which colonialism, conflict, race and migration connect with climate change.

Suitable for ages 12+

Watch and listen

Ten treasures

'There Is No Planet B' placard (front side), from Schools Strike for Climate, Manchester, 15 February 2019. Image courtesy People's History Museum

Find out about ‘There Is No Planet B’ placard, one of ten treasures chosen by PHM’s team that captures the ethos, spirit and importance of the museum’s collection.

Suitable for all ages

Explore PHM's collection

'There is No Planet B' blog post by youth activist Lillia

Lillia on her 10th birthday © @lilliasworld

Read this blog by youth activist Lillia about what’s at stake and how she is standing up for climate justice.

Suitable for all ages

View blog post
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