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Download the resources and use the videos below to guide and inspire you to create your own textile pieces!

Online resources for all textile abilities.

Suitable for ages 11 to adults.

Choose a resource to stitch ideas of change

Stitch a May Day ribbon in support of key workers

Key Workers Deserve A Better Deal ribbons by Helen Mather

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Create a rosette celebrating migrant workers

The Fabric of Protest Feb & March 2022 resource images courtesy of People's History Museum (1)

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Stitch a message of hope and welcome for refugees

IMG 8752

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Make a mini banner to protest the Nationality and Borders Bill

The Fabric of Protest November 2021, People's History Museum (20)

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Create a fabric border in opposition to the Nationality and Borders Bill

The Fabric of Protest Fabric Boarder @People's History Museum

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Cross stitch a symbol of solidarity

IMG 8192

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Patchwork cross: a response to the Lampedusa cross

Fabric patchwork cross

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Hapazome: print from nature

Printed pattern of petals and leaves created by Hapazome technique

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Boro patchwork technique: symbolic patchworks

Image shows a patchwork textile piece, it has been made from different colours of material in red, pink, blue, green, brown and white. There is white stitching over the patchwork in vertical lines.

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Create symbols and motifs to represent identity

Image shows a textile piece on white fabric, symbols of hands, water and lips have been stitched using various stitching techniques.

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Use couching to stitch a More in Common message

Image shows textile piece on a white fabric with colourful stitching. The words 'For me More in Common reflects our everyday lives' has been stitched in blue and pink thread. Around the letters are images of kettles and tea pots also in multi-coloured stitching.

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Try a range of stitches to spell out the word TRANSPARENCY

Image shows a textile piece on striped yellow fabric. The letter R has been stitched on using a range of colourful stitches. Around the letter the words 'Risk', 'Regulations' and 'Rana Plaza' have been stitched.

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Stitch a message about garment workers' health & safety

Textile piece with applique techniques

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Visible mending: valuing the skills of garment workers

Textile piece with visible signs of mending

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Quilt a message of hope and solidarity

Textile piece with a message of hope and solidarity

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Reverse appliqué: create a campaign slogan for garment workers' rights

Textile piece with reverse applique

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Patchwork: highlight hidden labour in the garment industry

Textile piece @ The Fabric of Protest

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Weave symbols of industry, migration and textiles

Textile piece using weaving techniques

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Create a 3D textile piece to explore ideas of how to dismantle inequalities

3D Textile piece exploring inequality

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Use appliqué to share hopes about workplaces in the future

Textile piece @The Fabric of Protest

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Embroider support for migrant workers' rights

Textile piece @ The Fabric of Protest

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Climate change collage

Textile piece, The Fabric of Protest May 2020

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Weft technique demonstration

Watch artist Helen Mather demonstrate how to use a range of stitching techniques to create your own textile art.

Weaving technique demonstration

Warp technique demonstration


Back stitch lettering technique

How to make a protest flag

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