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2020 banner exhibition opens at People’s History

19 December 2019
People’s History Museum in Manchester will open 2020 by unveiling a new exhibition of historical and contemporary banners that will give visitors the first introduction to the theme of migration, which the national museum of democracy will be exploring in a full programme of activities throughout the year.

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People’s History Museum announces plans for 2020

2 December 2019
In 2020 People’s History Museum invites people to join the national museum of democracy on a year long journey in which it will explore the theme of migration. This will be its most ambitious programme ever and takes place during the year in which it will also mark its own 10th birthday. #PHM2020

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People's History Museum opens The Unfurlings exhibition created by people living with dementia

28 November 2019
An exhibition of 16 large banners created by people living with dementia from artist Ian Beesley, cartoonist Tony Husband and poet Ian McMillan. The Unfurlings banners will go on display at People’s History Museum from Monday 16 December 2019.

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National museum of democracy urges people to use their vote

19 November 2019
In advance of the UK general election on Thursday 12 December 2019 the national museum of democracy, People’s History Museum in Manchester, is urging people to use their vote.

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People’s History Museum welcomes the Bones of Paine

18 November 2019
People’s History Museum will be welcoming the Bones of Paine to the museum, exactly 200 years after they were turned away by the city of Manchester. A parade from Working Class Movement Library and outdoor arts specialists Walk the Plank to People’s History Museum.

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