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People's History Museum blog

PHM is the national museum of democracy, telling the story of its development in Britain: past, present, and future.

On this blog we share posts from the PHM team and other experts, with behind the scenes stories, coverage of PHM's exhibitions and events, and highlights from the museum's unique collection.

Image of Lots of people gathered outside on a sunny day, holding up climate activism banners and flags. In the centre is a large blue 'netty' banner which says 'Fire & Flood In Pennines' with the Extinction Rebellion logo.

Climate protest banners with Calderdale Extinction Rebellion

22 April 2024

This Earth Day, People’s History Museum (PHM) has been in conversation with members of Calderdale Extinction Rebellion (XR) about how to make a ‘netty’ protest banner, and the climate protests these have been taken on.

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Image of Kayleigh Crawford, Collections Officer at People's History Museum

From the collection store: Uncovering the Miners’ Strike

9 April 2024

In this blog post, we chatted with PHM’s Collections Officer Kayleigh Crawford to ask about the museum’s project to digitise its collection of objects related to the Miners’ Strike which led to the discovery of some hidden gems.

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Image of Black and yellow poster printed with the head of Constance Markievicz, including the text:” I Am Pledged To A Free And Independent Republic... A Workers Republic” Constance Markievicz.

Constance Markievicz

1 March 2024

PHM’s Visitor Experience Team’s Mollie Holden takes a closer look at Irish revolutionary Countess Constance Markievicz, her fight to improve the lives of the working class, and a poster in the museum’s collection.

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Image of A white badge with a pink triangle that says 'London Gay Teenage Group'. A purple banner with a pink triangle that says 'Gays Against Fascism'.

LGBTQI+ symbols and their meanings

8 February 2024

The LGBTQI+ community has created their own language of colours and symbols.  In this guest blog Gillian Murphy, Curator for Equality, Rights and Citizenship at LSE Library, explores the symbols created through activism, logo competitions, resistance, and community.  LGBT+ History Month is celebrated each February in the UK 

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Image of A white mug with red text which reads Coal Not Dole 1984

Miners’ Strike 1984 to 1985

31 January 2024

In this third of a series of three blogs exploring miners’ strikes, Dr Bob Dinn, Visitor Experience Supervisor at PHM, writes about the events of the 1984 to 1985 Miners’ Strike. Led by the National Union of Minerworkers’ (NUM) Arthur Scargill, the strike polarised the country. Key events include the Battle of Orgreave and the Cortonwood Colliery walkout.


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